After getting her degree at highschool in Champagne, and leaving the family domain, Mathilde came to Paris in 2002 as she was following her dream of working in fashion in the city of FASHION !

She met Marie Rucki, head of the studio Berçot, a revelation...

After getting her degree in july 2007 at the Studio, at the age of 23, Mathilde decides to launch her accessory line under the label "Cutetricks".

Mathilde is inspired by the 50's, the pin up's, royal fineries, fairy tales, and her dog "Ginger". For the materials she mixes old to new braids, laces, furs, feathers, flowers, plastic, crystal, and glass. Most of her jewlery pieces are declined for dog wear, as dog clothing or dog necklaces. 

Her first collection winter Collection, "Black Woods" is inspired by the night-fauna, the darkness, mystic sorts, crows, minks and curses... 

"Splendors": The Winter 2009 Collection is a shimmering hommage to Napoléon III-era treasures, Muchas' muses...with cheeky nod to the music halls and bawdy burlesque dancers of the epoque.

Let's have a look to  the new collection called "Tsarine".